Credit recharge

Price Credit to be delivered instantly
340 000 MB
Other countries 1 000 CZK Pay with a card
240 000 MB
Other countries 750 CZK Pay with a card
150 000 MB
Other countries 500 CZK Pay with a card
70 000 MB
Other countries 250 CZK Pay with a card
37 500 MB
Other countries 150 CZK Pay with a card
25 000 MB
Other countries 100 CZK Pay with a card

The price for an SMS ranges from CZK 30-499 Kč, 2-20 € or 1,220-30,500 ZL including VAT.
Payment via SMS in CZK and € (MT billing): The price of the first ordering SMS is calculated according to the operator rates of the customer. The price of the second confirming SMS is 30-499 CZK or 2-20 € incl. VAT.
Payments via SMS in ZL (MO billing): The price of the ordering SMS ranges from 1,220 to 30,500 ZL incl. VAT.
With SMS paid for in CZK and € you can experience a delay between your confirmation and the availability of your purchased credit. This is due to a delay on the part of the operator, therefore please remain patient. Thank you.
Operated by Airtoy a. s., hotline 602 777 555,

Before you call the helpline it is recommended to visit FAQ.

Credit payment