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installbusybox 70 B No
system/app/AccountAndSyncSettings.apk 205 kB No
system/app/AlertRecipients.apk 55 kB No
system/app/ApplicationsProvider.apk 22 kB No
system/app/AppWidgetPicker.apk 17 kB No
system/app/AxT9IME.apk 2 MB No
system/app/BadgeProvider.apk 9 kB No
system/app/BeatsManager.apk 464 kB No
system/app/BluetoothOpp.apk 710 kB No
system/app/BluetoothPbap.apk 172 kB No
system/app/BluetoothTestMode.apk 16 kB No
system/app/BrcmBluetoothServices.apk 19 kB No
system/app/Browser.apk 1 MB No
system/app/Calculator.apk 265 kB No
system/app/Calendar.apk 620 kB No
system/app/CalendarProvider.apk 117 kB No
system/app/Camera.apk 2 MB No
system/app/CertInstaller.apk 87 kB No
system/app/ClockWidget.apk 128 kB No
system/app/Contacts.apk 2 MB No
system/app/ContactsProvider.apk 197 kB No
system/app/CpuSpy.apk 32 kB No
system/app/CSC.apk 77 kB No
system/app/Cst.apk 70 kB No
system/app/DataCreate.apk 60 kB No
system/app/DefaultContainerService.apk 13 kB No
system/app/DeskClock.apk 303 kB No
system/app/DialerTabActivity.apk 405 kB No
system/app/DownloadProvider.apk 160 kB No
system/app/DownloadProviderUi.apk 66 kB No
system/app/DrmProvider.apk 23 kB No
system/app/DrmUA.apk 25 kB No
system/app/DualClock.apk 342 kB No
system/app/Email.apk 4 MB No
system/app/EmailWidget.apk 146 kB No
system/app/FactoryTest.apk 534 kB No
system/app/FmRadio.apk 686 kB No
system/app/GalleryICS.apk 2 MB No
system/app/GenieWidget.apk 912 kB No
system/app/Gmail.apk 2 MB No
system/app/GoogleBackupTransport.apk 38 kB No
system/app/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk 118 kB No
system/app/GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk 128 kB No
system/app/GoogleFeedback.apk 121 kB No
system/app/GooglePartnerSetup.apk 95 kB No
system/app/GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk 646 kB No
system/app/GoogleServicesFramework.apk 2 MB No
system/app/HoloLauncher.apk 1 MB No
system/app/HTMLViewer.apk 15 kB No
system/app/Chrome.apk 3 MB No
system/app/InputEventApp.apk 11 kB No
system/app/JellyParts.apk 119 kB No
system/app/JobManager.apk 224 kB No
system/app/LatinME2.apk 4 MB No
system/app/lcdtest.apk 2 MB No
system/app/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk 40 kB No
system/app/LogsProvider.apk 22 kB No
system/app/Maps.apk 7 MB No
system/app/MarketUpdater.apk 12 kB No
system/app/MediaProvider.apk 60 kB No
system/app/MediaUploader.apk 274 kB No
system/app/Memo.apk 379 kB No
system/app/MIUIExplorer_Dark_ICS_32i.apk 473 kB No
system/app/Mms.apk 2 MB No
system/app/MmsProvisioning.apk 16 kB No
system/app/Music.apk 1 MB No
system/app/NetworkLocation.apk 265 kB No
system/app/noFrillsCPU.apk 995 kB No
system/app/OTAUpdater.apk 126 kB No
system/app/PackageInstaller.apk 102 kB No
system/app/PCWClientS.apk 37 kB No
system/app/Personalization.apk 64 kB No
system/app/Phone.apk 1 MB No
system/app/PhoneErrService.apk 45 kB No
system/app/PicoTts.apk 16 kB No
system/app/PopupuiReceiver.apk 208 kB No
system/app/PowerOnOffTest.apk 6 kB No
system/app/Preconfig.apk 14 kB No
system/app/Protips.apk 56 kB No
system/app/QuickOffice.apk 13 MB No
system/app/QuickPanelSettings.apk 56 kB No
system/app/SamsungCodes.apk 13 kB No
system/app/ScreenCaptureService.apk 30 kB No
system/app/SecDownloadProvider.apk 130 kB No
system/app/SecurityProvider.apk 32 kB No
system/app/SelfTest.apk 90 kB No
system/app/SerialNumberLabelIndicator.apk 17 kB No
system/app/serviceModeApp.apk 146 kB No
system/app/Settings.apk 2 MB No
system/app/SettingsProvider.apk 38 kB No
system/app/SetupWizard.apk 1 MB No
system/app/ShareApp.apk 45 kB No
system/app/signin.apk 150 kB No
system/app/SisoDrmProvider.apk 39 kB No
system/app/SnsAccount.apk 115 kB No
system/app/SnsProvider.apk 161 kB No
system/app/Stk.apk 49 kB No
system/app/Street.apk 265 kB No
1:nainštalovať cwm recovery
2:nakopirovat novu ROMku na koreň karty SD "nerozbalovať"
3:Vybrať Wipe data a Wipe Davlik cache
4:vybrať instal zip from SD card
5: zvoliť
6: zvoliťYes
7: po inštalácii trvá spustenie telefónu dlhšie +5min
8: HOTOVO :)
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  • PaullShull 7 months ago

    Nefungujou skupiny v kontaktech , vždy hodí hlášku o ukončení
  • fstsimohmmad a year ago

  • fstsimohmmad a year ago

  • fstsimohmmad a year ago

  • fstsimohmmad a year ago

  • fstsimohmmad a year ago

  • fstsimohmmad a year ago

  • 2 years ago

    a major prblm wid dz is dt 1nce it stp in mdl f needs 2 strt agn frm 1st..
  • krishinde 2 years ago

    phone call is not work plz give me solution
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