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META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary 245.04 kB No
system/bin/adb 96.36 kB No
system/bin/am 191 B No
system/bin/applypatch 49.45 kB No
system/bin/ATFWD-daemon 26.38 kB No
system/bin/atrace 9.51 kB No
system/bin/bluetoothd 5.11 kB No
system/bin/bmgr 199 B No
system/bin/bootanimation 21.79 kB No
system/bin/bridgemgrd 34.4 kB No
system/bin/btnvtool 9.59 kB No
system/bin/bu 156 B No
system/bin/ 954 B No
system/bin/bugreport 5.35 kB No
system/bin/cal_data_manager 9.45 kB No
system/bin/cnd 505.9 kB No
system/bin/content 207 B No
system/bin/crashmonitorns 21.91 kB No
system/bin/crda 9.51 kB No
system/bin/curl 62.76 kB No
system/bin/dalvikvm 5.35 kB No
system/bin/dbus-daemon 132.44 kB No
system/bin/debuggerd 21.74 kB No
system/bin/dexopt 9.4 kB No
system/bin/dhcpcd 58.79 kB No
system/bin/diag_dci_client 5.35 kB No
system/bin/diag_socket_log 9.77 kB No
system/bin/diag_uart_log 9.67 kB No
system/bin/dnsmasq 105.82 kB No
system/bin/drmdiagapp 5.42 kB No
system/bin/drmserver 54.56 kB No
system/bin/ds_fmc_appd 58.79 kB No
system/bin/dumpstate 38.18 kB No
system/bin/dumpsys 9.45 kB No
system/bin/dun-server 30.12 kB No
system/bin/dxhdcpd 5.25 kB No
system/bin/e2fsck 122.5 kB No
system/bin/efsks 12.12 kB No
system/bin/fast-dormancy 34.08 kB No
system/bin/fm_qsoc_patches 22.2 kB No
system/bin/fmconfig 13.65 kB No
system/bin/fota-snoop 9.68 kB No
system/bin/fsck_msdos 26.15 kB No
system/bin/fstune 5.41 kB No
system/bin/ftmdaemon 46.57 kB No
system/bin/grabramdump 26.04 kB No
system/bin/gzip 9.45 kB No
system/bin/hci_qcomm_init 124.96 kB No
system/bin/hciattach 27.22 kB No
system/bin/hostapd 272.64 kB No
system/bin/hostapd_cli 26.08 kB No
system/bin/idd-logreader 22.02 kB No
system/bin/iddd 63.09 kB No
system/bin/idmap 17.69 kB No
system/bin/illumination_service 34.52 kB No
system/bin/ime 194 B No
system/bin/input 201 B No
system/bin/installd 26.14 kB No
system/bin/ip 136.67 kB No
system/bin/ip6tables 187.37 kB No
system/bin/iptables 196.26 kB No
system/bin/isdbtmmtest 21.87 kB No
system/bin/iw 129.33 kB No
system/bin/keystore 14.23 kB No
system/bin/klogrouter 5.35 kB No
system/bin/ks 34.42 kB No
system/bin/linker 79.91 kB No
system/bin/logcat 13.6 kB No
system/bin/logwrapper 9.52 kB No
system/bin/make_ext4fs 10.53 kB No
system/bin/mcDriverDaemonQC 50.54 kB No
system/bin/mdnsd 259.45 kB No
system/bin/mediaserver 9.4 kB No
system/bin/mksh 153.34 kB No
system/bin/mm-jpeg-dec-test 21.76 kB No
system/bin/mm-jpeg-dec-test-client 13.56 kB No
system/bin/mm-jpeg-enc-test 21.8 kB No
system/bin/mm-jpeg-enc-test-client 17.65 kB No
system/bin/mm-jps-enc-test 25.94 kB No
system/bin/mm-mpo-dec-test 25.85 kB No
system/etc/product/applications/jackpal.androidterm.apk 400.94 kB No
system/etc/product/applications/neoreader.apk 677.2 kB No
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