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Ulož.to FileManager on Linux

Do you want to upload and download your files comfortably and easily? There is nothing better than to install Ulož.to FileManager, which has a number of interesting features and is still improving!

About application

  • Auto files upload
  • Transfer records of the individual uploads
  • Pausing the upload of the queue
  • Possibility to set automatic downloading to you PC/Mac wherever you are
  • File manager uploaded files
  • Download of the files individually or queued
  • You can choose upload folder
  • Pausing the download of the queue
  • Slow down the upload of the queue
  • Easy updates
  • Proxy support

Linux Installation Instructions

  • Install wine: e.g.:
    sudo aptitude install wine
  • Save the downloaded app to your folder: e.g.:
  • Download Ulož.to FileManager
  • Go to your folder via command line:
    cd ~, neboli cd /home/username
  • Launch wine
    wine Uloz.to_Uploader-setup.exe
  • Follow the guidance, install Ulož.to FileManager
  • Ulož.to FileManager launches automatically after installation. Or you can use
    wine ufm.exe
  • Ulož.to FileManager is installed on your computer and you can start using it :-)

Version history

Version 2.35 released 7. 12. 2017

  • The new version contains minor fixes and enhancements

Version 2.30 released 29. 10. 2017

  • Right click the UFM icon in the system tray to display a menu with useful shortcuts
  • You can finish interrupted downloads from previous sessoin right on UFM start
  • We made minor graphic changes as well

Version 2.26 released 4. 9. 2017

  • We fixed the file visibility option

Version 2.25 released 10. 8. 2017

  • In Settings, information bubbles can be switched on and off
  • Automatic downloads can now be scheduled to queue
  • You can change properties of multiple files at once
  • Choose accessibility of files even before the upload starts
  • New Windows desktop icon for UFM
  • You can download files even from subfolders
  • Use the Quick download action, if you're in a hurry
  • Many more minor upgrades and fixes

Version 2.20 released 11. 5. 2017

  • Automatic downloading via Favorites folder
  • You can download files to your Mac wherever you are
  • Fixed subfolder issue
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.10 released 23. 3.2017

  • Possibility to automatically close the app after downloading
  • Folder size in file manager
  • Uploading directly to chosen folder
  • You will never miss new updates
  • fixed minor bugs and improved file management

Version 2.03 released 28. 1. 2017

  • Creating new folder in file manager
  • Changing file properties of your files
  • Easily locating your downloads and uploads
  • New HP button “Show the save folder”
  • Updating app very fast via new mechanism
  • Enjoy minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.02 released 25. 11. 2016

  • The FileManager tab now has a Refresh Account Button
  • Improved error log
  • URL display changed - Name of the file is the first now
  • Czech letters sorting fixed
  • More minor fixes and technology upgrades

Version 2.01 released 27.10. 2016

  • More information added to the File settings tab
  • File size display changed
  • Upload limit changed
  • Problem with special symbols in user password fixed